Here’s a little-known fact about top-performing affiliates: they possess a unique skill in identifying profitable products to market.

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You see, opting for the incorrect affiliate offer can annihilate your entire business by demolishing your credibility. Do you think your subscribers will maintain their trust in you if you endorse a substandard product or a deceitful seller? Absolutely not. That’s why it’s crucial to safeguard your reputation and your venture by solely promoting premium-quality products from trustworthy vendors.

Here’s the roadmap to achieving it…

Thoroughly Evaluate the Product

It’s irrelevant if every other affiliate in your niche is singing praises about the product. It’s unimportant if you have to purchase the product for yourself (after all, it’s tax-deductible in most areas). It’s immaterial if the sales page is as polished as can be and the commissions are jaw-dropping…

In a nutshell, don’t advocate it if you haven’t initially examined and utilized the product.

Here’s the crux of the matter…

All those affiliates lauding the product might not have used it themselves. They’re all merely searching for a lucrative item to endorse. So, if you blindly follow the masses, they could lead you straight to disaster.

Imagine if the product turns out to be utter garbage. What do you think the repercussions will be on

your reputation if you vouch for the product to your audience? That’s right, they may never place their trust in you again if you promote a worthless item.

It’s not worth risking a high-commission product if it turns out to be trash. You might make a fortune today, but selling anything to your list in the future will be near impossible. The only products you should endorse are those you’d confidently recommend to your mother or your closest friend.

Moving on…

Scrutinize the Sales Page

The vast majority of product vendors strive to keep their affiliates satisfied. However, there exists a small percentage of vendors who are sly and cunning. These individuals are so unscrupulous that they would rob commissions from their own mother. That’s why you need to be vigilant. After all, if they’d steal from you, just envision how they’ll treat your customers.

Your task is to meticulously inspect the sales page and order form. Examine every link. Go through the entire process. Keep an eye out for:

  • Unwarranted sales page leaks, such as links diverting off the page. Specifically, look for ads promoting other products.
  • Alternative payment methods on the order form that don’t credit you as the affiliate. This could be another payment processor or even a number for phone orders.
  • Stolen commissions. The most villainous vendors will overwrite your affiliate link with their own. Go through the ordering process to ensure you receive credit for sales.

In summary, be on the lookout for anything that could impede sales or snatch your commissions.


Investigate the Vendor

The product appears fantastic, and the sales page is impressive. Is it time to promote?

Hold on.

Now you must conduct thorough research on the vendor to ensure they won’t mistreat your customers (or you). Use your preferred search engine to delve into their background. Look for a consistent pattern of complaints, such as:

  • Slow or subpar customer service.
  • Failure to honor a guarantee/refund policy.
  • Nonpayment or delayed payment to business partners.

Search for any indication that the vendor might attempt to swindle you or your customers – and if you spot even the slightest red flag, move on.

The Takeaway…

As an affiliate, your reputation is intrinsically linked to that of the product and the vendor. That’s why it’s vital to associate your business with reliable, honest people and products.

While this may seem like common sense, numerous individuals overlook these steps. In fact, many aspiring affiliates neglect essential steps when establishing their business – and then they’re left puzzled as to why they can’t sell more than a couple of products per month.

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