Do you find yourself constantly wishing for a better life? Wishing for that lottery win, a better job, or the freedom of owning your own business? It’s time to realize that wishing alone won’t get you there. The key to unlocking your dreams lies in YOUR ability to change. You must be willing to transform your habits, beliefs, values, health, outlook, and more. Change may not come easily or quickly for most, but with the right mindset, it is absolutely within your reach.

Renowned motivational speakers like Tony Robbins claim that change can happen in an instant, but it all starts with your burning desire to transform. You must genuinely want to change in order for those quick transformations to occur. Remember, change doesn’t have to happen overnight. You can make gradual progress by consciously reshaping your habits.

Forming a new habit takes time, typically ranging from 21 to 70 days, although this timeframe can vary from person to person. The crucial factor here is your level of commitment to change. Some might say, “I’d like to change,” but without an intense fire in their belly, a burning NEED TO CHANGE, their chances of transformation remain slim. However, when change becomes a matter of necessity when the alternative means losing something valuable or risking the loss of someone dear, that need becomes stronger, and change becomes more likely.

Having someone you can confide in and who holds you accountable can be invaluable on your journey. Unfortunately, in many cases, when you share your aspirations with others, they may belittle your ambitions or make jokes about them. Some may even claim that it’s too late for you or themselves to change. These closed-minded individuals are best left unengaged. It’s wiser to refrain from discussing your plans with them altogether.

So, how do you find support? How do you maintain your motivation? How do you ignite and sustain that “Burning Desire” to change? Seek out individuals or groups that inspire and motivate you. Watch motivational videos regularly to fuel the fire within you, making it burn brighter and stronger. Visualize yourself in their position and draw strength from their stories.

As for those who hinder your progress, you have several options. You can choose to ignore them, avoiding discussions about your plans. Alternatively, distance yourself from their negative influence or remove them from your life entirely. If they cannot support your journey, they are holding you back. It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll settle for the status quo or embrace positive change.

Before cutting people out of your life, it’s worth having a heartfelt conversation with them. Express how their attitudes are hindering your growth and making positive change more challenging. Sometimes, they will change their perspective for your sake, but often, they won’t. In those instances, it’s essential to detach yourself from their presence and continue forging ahead on your path to transformation.

Here are some motivational videos that will help keep you motivated and moving forward:

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